Lihan Kingdom

A broken land of ruined towns, blackened fields and crumbling castles. Once ruled by the Lich King, it is now a wasteland of haunted towns. The Raven Queen has sent many crusaders here to purge the lingering undead, but progress is slow as even some innocent souls cling to the shadow of life they have left. In some places, the undead and the living work side-by-side, carrying out the basic routines of life in the haunted hollows of this blighted land. Surviving Lihanese are extremely hardy due to the extremes of their land.

Common Qualities: Tenacious, fearless, pragmatic, dedicated, fatalistic.

Origin Benefit: +1 origin bonus to Will and Fortitude saves.

Bonus Language: None. However, Lihanese can see and hear ghosts, wraiths and other intangible undead entities from dusk to dawn.

Lihan Kingdom

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